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5 Responses to “”

  1.   scrappy01 Says:

    This is when I was a little puppy. Look at my beautiful blue eyes. My brother Tanner loves me so much. He helped me when I was shot by that mean person. I know Tanner saved my life by keeping pressure on my wound while my mom drove like a maniac to get me to the docs office. Boy do they love me!

  2.   etgayle Says:

    hey, how is scrappy doing??? have the stitches come out?? did he get a harness yet? i have the ruff wear harness, it works pretty well for me – i lost my right front leg cause of a tumor. where are you in kentucky?? i love in knoxville, south of your state. hope everybody is doing well, i sure like the pictures!!


  3.   Donna Says:

    Scrappy is doing wonderful!! The stitches are coming out on there own. We Went for our checkup and he is doing grreat! We received the harness but he doesn’t seem to like it too much. I think that area is still tender because he still won’t lay on that side etc. We live near Paducah. We are going near Knoxville in about on week. Very beautiful in that area. I will try to post some more pictures later today. I just can’t believe how well he has adjusted. I will keep you informed of his progress. Thank you for your caring.

  4.   Carmen (Catie's Mom) Says:

    They do adjust amazingly, don’t they, Donna. Well done, Scrappy. Well done, Donna, for being there for your guy.


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