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Hello world!

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12 Responses to “Hello world!”

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  2.   Donna Says:

    Last night someone shot my 5 year old Yellow Labrador named Scrappy. My son and I rushed him to the local veternarian. The vet would not let me stay and told me to go home. I was so upset and paced the floor for what seemed like hours. The vet finally called me and told me that he was in shock. He also said that he had lost alot of blood but that he expected him to pull through. However, his left front leg had blocked the shot that was aimed for his heart and shattered his elbow. He informed me that Scrappy would need his leg amputated. We cannot do anything until Scrappy is stabilized. I am heartbroken but so thankful that Scrappy is still here with me. Can anyone help me to know what to do to help. Should I get a second opinion before they remove his leg or just go ahead and let him take it off? This is not my regular veternarian and I am so confused and upset right now. I don’t want him to suffer or be in pain any longer than he has to. I just don’t know if there is such a thing as a prosthetic leg or to just go ahead and let them remove the shoulder and all. Any comments will be helpful.

  3.   majorbubbatank Says:

    Welcome to the site. I’m so sorry to hear about Scrappy’s ordeal. At this point a lot is going to happen very quickly and all you can do is roll with it. If a second opinion will set your mind at ease, it’s always an option but if amputation is the answer, you’ve found the right place for support, information, and a bit of humor to get you and your furkid through whatever the next few weeks throw at you. Don’t worry too much. Amputation doesn’t really take anything away from who your dog is. It amplifies the essence of DOG. You’ll be amazed at how quickly after surgery Scrappy forgets that life on four legs ever happened. Best wishes for whatever you decide to do. Any decision made with love is the correct decision.

    Rachel (Major’s mom)

  4.   Donna Says:

    Went to see Scrappy and just broke my heart. I have gotten a second opinion and received the same answer. I also found out that whoever shot him used a deer slug and was trying to kill him. I don’t understand how people can be so cruel. I have decided to have his leg amputated by my regular veterinarian. I cannot move him until we build up some of the blood he has lost, so possibly tomorrow we can transport him to his regular vet. I am really nervous and scared. I really need alot of support and guidance right now. I am not a strong person and have cried non stop since this has happened. I know that I need to have a better attitude for his sake. Rachel, thank you for your kind words and caring. I just feel so helpless right now.

  5.   Carmen (Catie's Mom) Says:

    Oh Donna. I was appalled at reading what happened to Scrappy.

    Take comfort in the fact he is still with you. Through all your fear and anxiety, try to hold onto that. Major’s mom said it. Amputation will not diminish his quality of life or take away any of his Labrador essence at all.

    Hang in there! And as far as you not being a strong person – you’ve already proven your courage by telling your story and reaching out to members of this wonderful site. That tells me, despite the tears and the fears which are all absolutely normal in a nightmarish situation, that you’re much stronger than you give yourself credit for.

    Many many healing wishes.

    Carmen (Catie’s mom)

  6.   etgayle Says:

    donna, so sorry to hear about scrappy. people are the most pathetic creatures sometimes…. first, i’m saying this with love, snap out of the fear and fret when you are around scrappy. he needs to see you with a strong face, with love and faith in his ability to pull through this. he can be himself again after the amputation, in fact he will be more than you can ever imagine. your job is to make good decisions for him right now. let your love for him guide you, and be strong for both of you. he must be quite the quy with a name like scrappy, right?? blessing to you both, and keep up in the loop on his status. don’t ever hesitate to come to this sight for info, support, etc. this is the most amazing family of great people you will ever find!!! our best to you, gayle and charon.

  7.   Donna Says:

    I transported Scrappy this morning. I received a totally different opinion this morning. After seeing Scrappy, instead of just the x-rays, the doctor feels that he can possibly save his leg. The little guy was actually using it a little bit today. I cannot believe how great he is doing. I read the responses yesterday and realized that I needed to shape up for him. I need to be strong and cheerful and it paid off today. He saw me and I think he didn’t even remember that he was hurt. He kissed me and loved on me like I was the one hurt and needing comforting. This guy is such a fighter and definitely taught me something. Thank you for all the responses. I will keep udating the prognosis and outcome. I should know a little more by tomorrow. They want to get him comfortable and do a few more picutres etc. All of these dogs are amazing. I think everyone needs to visit this site. I think these dogs could teach us all something. I know that I have learned to quit feeling sorry for myself, pick up the pieces and make the best of it. Afterall, Scrappy is still here with me and has not changed a bit. I still have my best friend!

  8.   Donna Says:

    I just talked to doc. He has checked and done some more tests and we are back to the original decision. We will be amputating the leg. There is just too much nerve damage and bone damage. I am ok with this. I want whatever is best for him. I just wanted to check all avenues first. I don’t know for sure when the surgery will take place. They told me within the next day or two. I just can’t wait to get him home and well. I miss him so much. If anyone can give me any advice on what to expect the first few days he comes home and what I need to watch for and be extra careful with, I would really appreciate the information.
    Thank you,
    Donna, Scappy’s Mom

  9.   Carmen (Catie's Mom) Says:

    It’s what we do, Donna. Pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off, and keep on moving ahead. 🙂 Well done.

    The first few days post-surgery, at least in Catie’s case, she was easily tired and a little “off” because of all the medications (two different pain meds and antibiotics). One of the meds made her quite dopey. After an incident at the doorway – she got jammed against the frame on her wound by Riley because they crowded there to greet visitors, oh, what a pained cry – we kept her pretty quiet. If we left the house she went into her wire kennel; we asked visitors to let us know if they were coming over and she went into her kennel until they were in the house. Amputation is major surgery and we wanted her to heal so there was a lot of quiet snuggling time.

    People told us she would amaze us. She did.

    Scrappy will amaze you too. It is so horrible what happened, but as you said he is still with you and he’ll be just as great a friend with three legs as he was with four.

    Look forward to more updates. Give a kiss to Scrappy for us too. Sending lots of hugs.

  10.   etgayle Says:

    our paws are crossed for a great outcome!! remember that the first two weeks can be exhausting for everyone. glad things are moving forward – sounds like scrappy is in the best hands possible!! gayle

  11.   admin Says:

    Welcome Donna! We just noticed all your comments. Please consider posting future updates as new blog posts so the community gets notified in our recent blog posts widget throughout the site. Just visit your Dashboard -> Posts -> Add New tab.

    We’re sorry to hear about Scrappy, but too many times we hear from new members who put their pups through multiple painful expensive surgeries trying to save their leg, only to proceed with amputation anyway. So rest assured, you have made the right decision.

    You will find much more help and advice in the discussion forums. And don’t miss Jerry’s top ten dog leg amputation Q&A. As soon as you publish your first blog post, we will announce Scrappy’s new blog in the discussion forums. We look forward to following his progress!

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